Increasing Marginal Utility

A blog so good it violates the law of diminishing marginal utility.

daily links 03.15.11

Bear traps and PBR work well together. HT Rick.

Need a minute? (rage guy comic)

Joe Maddon, skillfully lampshading issues with Manny Ramirez, instructs his players not to cut their hair at all this year.

What does “meltdown” even mean? Is it dangerous?

Fixing the narrative of the Great Depression.

Another worthy baseball book, The Extra 2%, is hitting stores. Here is one review. And another. Think Moneyball, only about the Rays, and without Michael Lewis’s ridiculous theatrics.

Next week Anthony Bourdain goes to Vienna. Think he’ll go out of his way to mention Mises? No? What about the Vienna Circle, at least? Still no? Shoot.

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