Increasing Marginal Utility

A blog so good it violates the law of diminishing marginal utility.

Browsing Catharsis – 04.05.11

Cato Unbound this month is on The High Cost of Free Parking. I read Shoup’s book last spring and approve of it. To be honest though no human being should know as much about parking as he does.

“San Francisco Democrats” isn’t really a homophobic epithet.

Seven basic things you are doing wrong.

Paternalists have gone from trans fats to Happy Meal toys to now food coloring. Richard Thaler now looks like quite the shithead for arrogantly scoffing at Whitman and Rizzo’s concern that legislating using behavioral economics will eventually lead to new excuses for special interest groups to force whatever they want on the American public. Yes, Thaler. Those Law & Economics guys know nothing about the perils of law and economics. Screw you. And my tone is much more civil than Thaler’s was in the above link, by the way.

Boston and New York have the highest priced beer in baseball.

Get the econtalk intro as a ringtone.

Seventeen predictions about the 2011 baseball season that will actually end up being right.

Independent assessment, funded partially by the Kochs, finds that global warming (though possibly not anthropogenic warming) is for real.

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