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Browsing Catharsis – 05.19.11

Good Eats is canceled??? NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo

What you hope for and what you get with cats are two very different things.

Willie Nelson endorses Gary Johnson for president.

There is no Bourgeois Dignity in the city of San Francisco.

“Putting those two together Levitt is basically saying: I’ve never really thought about why I support the policy regime that I do. With all due respect, if vulgar paternalism as a normative framework is something of a revelation to Levitt its just not believable that he has ever engaged this question. Yet, Steven Levitt is a celebrated social scientist at a legendary institution. I am not even quite sure what to make of that.”

Sean Burroughs, one of the biggest flame-out prospects of the last decade, returns to Major League Baseball after five years.

Pikathulhu…. and also Pikachu getting blown up by a cannon in minecraft.

I finished reading the very short book A Darwinian Left by Peter Singer today. Singer is a progressive philosopher and he makes the argument that people with values similar to him should replace Marx with Darwin as their model of understanding human nature. He makes a few jumps in his policy prescriptions that I wouldn’t, but the premise of the book and how it is set up are both excellent. The biggest weakness is that he seems to believe social order brought about by cooperation instead of competition is an especially progressive (and implicitly pro-state) thing. There’s nothing wrong with civil institutions on the market. Not everyone pro-market is Ayn Rand…

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