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Browsing Catharsis – 07.20.11

South Park and Minecraft mashup.

Pterodactyl Bieber. I find this… plausible.

I normally don’t think these are funny, but this rap battle between Ben Franklin and Billy Mays is pretty good.

How facebook responded to google plus.

Fake live action Bomberman movie trailer. It’s a gritty reboot, obviously.

With basically brute force data mining, some new relationships between components of pitching statistics have been discovered. Although not everyone is buying it.

Nate Silver says that Romney versus Obama would be a toss up. Bachmann or Palin would be more problematic for the GOP. Ron Paul scores surprisingly well using this methodology.

One response to “Browsing Catharsis – 07.20.11

  1. Daniel Kuehn July 20, 2011 at 8:21 am

    I thought the einstein/hawking one and the bieber/beethoven one were both pretty good too.

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