Increasing Marginal Utility

A blog so good it violates the law of diminishing marginal utility.

Browsing Catharsis – 08.08.11

They made a movie version of the libertarian environmentalist book Cool It? How was I not informed?

Watch a real video of John Maynard Keynes. HT Robert P Murphy.

John Taylor on the treasury downgrade. Also, John Taylor on the treasury downgrade. Cowen had an interesting reaction already and I’m anxious to hear what Sumner has to say about it.

One step solutions to fixing the economy. Paging folk economics.

And Scott Adams has his own way of fixing the economy. Surprisingly bad for someone who thinks deeply about things and has claimed to be a libertarian. Perhaps it’s unreasonable to expect him to know Mill’s Fourth Postulate: a demand for goods is not a demand for labor.

Explaining microeconomic concepts in terms of prostitution. Compare to EcoNomNomNomics.

Mark Cuban has some reasonable suggestions for reforming patent law. There are some firms who do nothing but sit on patents and consume rent, so based on the law of collective action it might be difficult to lobby on this issue. But if Cuban devotes real resources to changing this, rather than the typical rich person conduits for charity (which amount to burning piles of money unfortunately), he would gain my approval. Improving institutions like patent law has far greater potential than pretending that dumping more money on education or economic development will accomplish anything.

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